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Hound River Farm provides a humane atmosphere for the growth of pasture raised lambs. Sheep and lambs live on pasture and forage for food. There are no feedlots or artificial feeding methods. Animals are not given any aids for growth. Our own hay or natural grain supplementation is given in winter or during rough times. They live and graze freely in a predator protected evironment. All animals are monitored daily.  
The Katahdin lamb meat is very mild compared to the traditional taste of the wooled sheep breeds. This balanced and mild flavor is due in part to less lanolin or wool fat. Since this is a hair sheep, they have less wool and the body produces less lanolin. Moreover, the animals are pasture raised and humanely treated. Even those who have not enjoyed lamb in the past, will be surprised at the quality and taste of this meat.
  Give it a try !!
The animals are handled and transported according to The American Meat Institute Guidelines (http://www.amif.org/index.htm). Towson Cold Storage is a humane processor with a USDA officer on site. Meat is packaged depending on the requested cuts. Meat is available for pick up or delivery off the farm.

Katahdin Meat or Hair Sheep Qualities

The Katahdin breed is a woolless, easy care, meat type sheep, naturally tolerant of climatic extremes and capable of high performance in a wide variety of environments. The purpose of the breed is to efficiently produce meat.


The covering of the Katahdin does not require shearing and is preferably completely free of permanent wooly fibers. The coat can be any color or pattern.


Katahdins are a heavy-muscled, medium-sized breed. They demonstrate adaptability by performing well in areas varying in geography, temperature, and humidity, feed and forage resources, and management systems. Ewes are easy lambers and exhibit strong maternal instincts and good milking ability. They possess high potential for early puberty, fertility, and lamb survivability.


Lambs grow and mature rapidly to an acceptable market weight range and produce relatively lean and well muscled carcasses with a very mild flavor.